Meet the Steyl family. This family came a long way for the holidays…all the way from Namibia. They visited their family on a farm I’m all too familiar with.

On this farm I’ve photographed the Brand family a few times, so I went there again and sneaked out a few other spots for the Steyl family. One member wasn’t at all fond of this photo shoot, but her big sis tried her best to get her to co-operate. Even helped her to smile at one stage. This was too cute, hehe. Her dad managed to talk her through the shoot, but I think I got a few beautiful and interesting shots.

Steyl gesin, dankie vir die voorreg om julle fototjies te kon neem. Dis altyd ‘n plesier om op die plaas te kom kuier. Julle is ‘n pragtige gesin met twee baie oulike dogtertjies, al wou die enetjie nie vir my ‘n smile gee nie, hehe. Geniet die foto’s ;)