So this was a very interesting and, may I say, embarrassing shoot for me. I would really want to share this story with you…not only the let you know that things could most definitely go wrong, but also to compliment this family on their understanding and patient nature….

So, on the day of this shoot, I charged my battery, as the other one still had some battery-life. 5 Minutes in to the shoot, my battery died and I had to change batteries. To my surprise, this battery was also dead…. I was so embarrassed and confused at the same time. “How could this be possible, and what to do now?!?!” Then I had to arrange for my other camera to be brought to the farm. As we were waiting, I tried one more time to change batteries…. the one had a little battery-life still ( one stripe ). I eventually did the whole shoot with just one stripe. At home I then wanted to charge the batteries….. the one battery then showed it was fully charged. I’m still confused and baffled about this.

Throughout this dilemma, this family was so understanding and patient with me. They never complained. I think this says a lot about them. They are so playful and you could just see a whole lot of love that they share.

Gerber en Maritsa, baie dankie eerstens vir die geleentheid en tweedens baie jammer vir die dilemma weereens. Ek weet nou nog nie wat daar gebeur het nie, hehe. MAAR, met die hele storie het ek dit nogsteeds so baie geniet om julle te kon afneem en tyd saam julle te kon spandeer. Julle is ‘n pragtige gesin. Nico en Annika is baie bevoorreg… Geniet dieĀ foto’s.