Meet Sias and Mikhayla……my very first twin models. I couldn’t have asked for two beter models for my first try at photographing twins.

This was a very cold winter’s day, but we heated up the room and soon I started snapping away. These two were so peaceful and if I could, I would still be photographing them. Sias is the more relaxed one and Mikhayla the busy one. Where Sias would just lie there, observing the whole situation…Mikhayla would question everything with her eyes and keep talking with her hands, arms and legs. This was truly one of my favourite shoots.

Barend en Yolandie, dankie dat ek julle tweetjies kon afneem. Hulle was ‘n plesier om mee te werk. Hulle so net te dierbaar en julle is ‘n pragtige gesinnetjie. Geniet al die vreugde wat hulle twee julle nog gaan bring.