What an unbelievably relaxed, easy going, natural shoot this was. I don’t only say this because Wilmi is my cousin, but it’s also because their love for each other resembles also a relaxed, easy going, natural kind of love.

What better way than to do this shoot at the beach. It was a little windy, but we didn’t care, it still was a fun shoot…wind and all. I made them run, jump, lie on each other, lie in the sand, and they did it all with a smile.
We had some great fun, but unfortunately we had to wrap it up, but I got some beautiful shots of these two. Soft and romantic.

Hendrik en Wilmi, dit was vir my so lekker om julle af te kon neem. Dankie vir die voorreg dat ek julle fototjies kon doen. Mag julle liefde vir mekaar altyd so natuurlik kom.